One Breath

One Breath


Inhale (slowly)

As the old man hunches over at his desk

And cries escape, whist aging solid beams

Crumble under his stone body.


Inhale (slowly) now,

As Felis Catus claws scratch at young child skin

And fragile wings whimper at the stroke of his silver scythe.

Preparing now, for its jellied membrane to face his instrument of



As tweezers pull apart the delicate strings of her laced corset body

Watch patiently,

Watch graciously,

As the white blood pours crumpled little stars onto the brick brown desk

And the tangled mesh of rainbow pattern deflates in seconds.

Exploding in unison, with the wilted candle flame,

Burnt out by the dancing wind.


Its neon tinted ashes-

Remnants of those clipped fairy wing-ed bones,

Which were not blown in an instant

But rather tortured in his dusty chamber.


Stretched to a plasticine consistency-

With little, gentle stabs, pricked, daggered into the center of

Her heart core.



Stare through his metallic frames, to pierce the depths of his enjoyment

Watch his blubbering black beads of ecstatic eyes

Carefully observe his pulsing, pea-sized pupils

As they enter the thrill of it all.


Simply aroused by its (silent) suffering and

the beauty of its




As it rests now (finally) in the glass coffin.