Puzzling muzzle.

So through snide remarks

A sharp smile bites your spiteful words



Like a dog, with a beautiful muzzle,

The sparkle, the dimple, hides his

Carnivorous appetite.


Those sharpened ‘canines’, ready for

Something red to tear apart;

Your dimple. Thread by thread.


Skin deep

Skin loose

Skin thin

Skin clinging on to mean utterings,

For the noise of words and a break from silence.


For silence, bleeds the skin drier and quicker,

Then spiteful spit’s percussion drums,

Keeping that bleeding pumping organ



Feel that beat.

Feel that beat quicken.

As you strap on your lousy muzzle to fight;

Leather latches tighten around your clenched jaw.


Strap goes snap.

Scratch away at his skin too

Blunt nails still scathe

(even temporarily, teeth chipping away,

bit by bit

jaw by jaw)

Temporary bites soon turn to scars.


Till you hear his purple red vessel pulse in your palm

Quickening to a silence.

Then you know, the job is done.