the boy with the red guitar

the boy with the red guitar.

How I wish you’d play me as you play those notes
doting on your red flaming fret.
Start off slow and then progress
till you sing out those metal strings so sharp they cannot burst.
They follow your lead obediently, like little bluebirds stuck fluttering in my heart
thats what she said, I think,
hope is the thing with feathers
as you play your red guitar
strumming for the ladies, strutting your stuff
as you pick her spirits up with a talent only those little birds can know-
a love for a love outside you
a love for a love beyond your heart
a love for a love only the blue bird will know
as it sings through your obedient little metal strings
accompanied by her humming hum hum hum
hum till the hum bleeds out
it will bleed out
for you

but you need not know it
keep strumming your red guitar


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